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If you’re interested in refereeing this Spring, see our referees tab for details

Contact Information:

President of TUSA – Gene Joycepresident@texarkanasoccer.com

Vice President – TSA – Michael White – vp-tsa@texarkanasoccer.com

Director of coaching – Tim Grove – doc@texarkanasoccer.com

Registrar – Andy Tuttlebeeregistrar@texarkanasoccer.com

Head Referee – Mike Schroederreferee@texarkanasoccer.com

Referee Assignor Recreational – Glenn Yowell – cvegark@yahoo.com

Referee Assignor Competitive – Mike Schroeder – referee@texarkanasoccer.com

Vice President of Travel & Treasurer – Mike Rogers – treasurer@texarkanasoccer.com

SecretaryMonica Bruner – secretary@texarkanasoccer.com