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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What equipment will I need? Players are required to wear shin guards with socks covering them. Players should wear soccer shoes which have rubber cleats. Players should possess their own soccer ball. The size depends on the age: U-5-U-8 size 3, U-10-U12 size 4, U-13-up size 5.

2. Where do I purchase equipment and uniforms? Most all sporting good stores carry soccer related gear. Uniforms are the responsibility of each team and your coach or team manager will advise you.  Actually, some other parent on the team should accept responsibility for the uniforms since the coach is already coaching.

3. How are teams picked? Teams are formed only by commissioners according to our team formation guideline that can be viewed here.(Team Formation Guidelines)  These are guidelines and the commissioner can deviate for the good of the division.

4. Can my child play on his brothers, cousin, etc. team? Players (2) may sign up together as a car-pool and be placed on a team together but are not allowed to sign up directly to a team.  U5-U8 Players may request a particular team, but the commissioner will make all team assignments and will try to honor requests where feasible.  This request must be clearly marked on both registration forms every season.  Team requests will not be honored if a team is full, teams are unbalanced, etc.

5. Can my child play with older children? Yes a child may play up one age group but not down.  This must be clearly marked on the registration form every season.

6. How will I know when my child is placed on a team? You should receive a call from your child’s coach sometime shortly after team formation the following week after.  We have an email notification system thru Gotsoccer.  It is crucial we have a good email for every player.

7. When does the season start? Season usually starts around the end of August/early September for the Fall Season and the end of March for the Spring Season. Check our website homepage for exact dates.

8. Is there a number I can call for general information?   No, but our website is regularly updated, as is our Facebook page and if you have any questions, please contact our registrar or doc.  To check for Game rain outs you can check the web site

9. Where and when are games played? All games are played at Grady T. Wallace on Saturdays.  The park is just south of Liberty Eylau High School at 3419 Leopard Drive.  (Right next to the loop)

10. Is my child insured? Yes, however the insurance in place is a supplemental policy not intended for use as primary coverage. You must notify your coach and a board member in the event of an injury.

11. Can my company sponsor my child’s team? Yes.  Please contact the TUSA Treasurer for details on how to move the money and get a tax receipt.  We are a 501-3(c) charity.

12. Do the boys and the girls play together (co-ed)?  We have separate divisions for each gender, except for our U14 division.  At the older ages, we usually need to combine the genders to have enough players to form a division.

13. Are there awards given for first place? Yes, teams in the U-10 and up divisions play for placement during the Fall Season.  Younger players receive participation awards during the Fall and Spring season.

14. What is the youngest player allowed? To be eligible to play during the Fall/Spring season a player must be 4 years old by August 1.

15. What if my child becomes injured? – If the injury is soccer related, such as during team practice or on the playing field, it is your duty to inform an official of the league. Casts, splints or anything of that nature must be padded with 1/2 inch closed cell foam or some other thick padding.  An open or bleeding wound will be cause for removal from the playing field by a referee.  All injuries/bandages must be presented to the referee before playing for final approval.  The referee is the final authority.

16. What happens if both teams are the same color? The home team is responsible for the alternate jerseys.  We have practice bibs in the referee room.

17. How much does registration cost? – Recreational Soccer registration cost vary by season (Spring and Fall).  The current costs are detailed in the registration on the homepage.

18. When will my child’s team practice? – Practice dates and times are determined by the team coach.  Generally the coach will set the date and times on what is most convenient for the parents on the team.

19. When is registration? – Fall Registration is always the month of July. Spring Registration is always the month of January.

20. Can you explain the “U” levels – is that just the child’s age? – U = “Under” as of cutoff date (8/1). Example: If you child is 9 on or before 8/1 he will be an Under 10 (U-10). Even if he turns 10 on 8/1, he is still considered a U-10.

21. Is there still mail in Registration? We prefer online registration and payment because it is much easier.  We will accept mail in registration also.  Print the form, write a check and mail before the registration deadline.

21. It is after the registration deadline!  Is it too late to register? We really need everyone to register by the deadline to get things set up.  However, we will accept late registrations tentatively.  Late registrations will be used to fill in gaps on other teams and there may not be room in a given division for everyone.  Naturally, refunds will be given for those that do not make a team.  No registrations will be accepted within two weeks of the first game or thereafter (Registration Cut-off).  There is an extra fee for late registrations.

22. If my child decides he/she hates soccer, is sick, can’t make practice, is moving, …..  can we get a refund?  We provide registration refunds to any player who requests one in writing ( before the first game.  We will withhold a small processing fee because we incurred expenses registering the player. Refunds are processed once per season, shortly after the first game.

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