After you have registered as a coach for the season, you now have some coursework to complete in the interest of child safety.

There are 3 elements to complete. You must:

a) Submit a background check,

b) Complete the CDC HEADS UP course and

c) Complete the SAFESPORT child safety course to be eligible to coach. (See instructions for Safesport below)

Safesport instructions

  1. Right click on this link and you’ll be taken to your newly created coach profile on gotsoccer site but open in a new tab so you can toggle between that and these instructions.  (You may need to login first – click on the little person icon at the top right on the green menu bar (to the left of the ‘mail’ icon and and click the on ‘login’ or ‘profile’ (if already logged in) from the drop down menu).  
  2. Then click on either ‘profile’ from the same drop down menu or ‘dashboard’ on the lower left side of your screen (by ‘Account’). You’ll see the status on the three coursework that needs to be completed (bg check, safesport, and heads up CDC).  Green means it’s complete, red means you’ve not started and yellow means it’s required or has expired since you last took it. Click on ‘more info‘ or ‘details’ on the right side to start each item.
  3. Upload a photo to your coach profile (or send a copy to with your name.
  4. The background check (has to be completed once every couple years.
  5. Completion of the CDC concussion test ONE time – it has now been made permanent once completed.  If you’ve previously completed the CDC test, your status will remain current with no need to retake the test.
  6. SafeSport – Last year, ASSA and USYSO added a new layer of protection for our kids.  It’s called SafeSport.  You will see this as an option to choose when you are on your coach profile (you can get there by clicking at the bottom of your confirmation of registration e-mail).  Choose the SafeSport option, set up your account and complete the course – it’s about an hour and half long so please allow enough time to complete.   Upon completion, print out your certificate and keep on file.  Course completion will be linked to your coach account – we will not be able to add you to your team roster until all steps are completed. On the last question in the safe sport registration, the organization is U.S. Soccer Federation.


See example below for background check (same applies for the rest).

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